Kuning kuning 168-Corimax Yellow WGP

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Indeks WarnaPigmen kuning 168
Nama ProdukCorimax Yellow WGP
Kategori ProdukPigmen organik
Ketepatan cahaya (plastik)7-8
Ketepatan cahaya (plastik)260
Pengedaran Hue

Ciri-ciri: ketahanan penghijrahan yang baik.
Recommended for powder coatings, PVC, rubber, PS, PP, PE.
Boleh digunakan pada PU.

TDS( Pigment yellow 168) MSDS(Pigment yellow 168) -------------------------------------------------- ---------------

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Struktur Molekul:

Nama Cina: pigment yellow 168
Nama Inggeris: segment yellow 168
Nama Cina: C.I. Pigment orange 71; ilgajing DPP orange; pigment orange 73; bis - (p-tert-butylphenyl) - 1,4-diketopyrrole and pyrrole
- [(E) - 2 - [1 - [[(2-chlorophenyl) amino] carbonyl] - 2-oxopropyl] diazenyl] - 3-nitro -, calcium salt (1:1)
CAS No.: 71832-85-4
Formula molekul: c16h12cacln4o7s
Berat molekul: 479.8845
Main uses:
The pigment is a calcium salt lake with similar structure to C.I. Pigment Yellow 61 and pigment yellow 62. It has a slightly green light yellow color, between C.I. Pigment Yellow 1 and pigment yellow 3. It has excellent solvent resistance and migration resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbon and aromatic hydrocarbon. It is mainly used for coloring of paint and plastic. It has good migration resistance in plastic PVC, with a slightly lower color strength and a light fastness of grade 6. The size occurs in HDPE Deformation phenomenon, mainly recommended for LDPE coloring. It is another non transparent orange DPP pigment sold by Ciba fine company of Switzerland in recent years. It is suitable for high-grade industrial coatings, such as automobile paint (OEM), solvent based color baking enamel, powder paint and coil paint, but its solvent resistance, light resistance and climate fastness are not as good as C.I. Pigment red of the same type.